Hartley Valley Holiday Farm

An idyllic country lifestyle where you can become an owner for a minimal outlay.

There are two ways to take advantage of what the farm has to offer; either by leasing for up to 2 years , or by purchasing a Membership in the Farm. Hartley Valley Holiday Farm is a co-operative, members purchase their shares in the co-operative and then contribute to its maintenance and operation through a yearly levy. Membership allows access to all the facilities, activities and benefits a visit to the farm provides.

All of the benefits, without the hassle of maintaining your own property.

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Hartley Valley Holiday Farm

The History of Hartley Valley Farm

A bonus for Hartley Valley Holiday Farm owners is “Rosedale” which was built by convicts in 1839. First called the Mount Victoria Inn, it was used as a half-way stop for weary travellers on their way to Lithgow and Bathurst. Rosedale, now the farm manager’s residence and office, is the landmark for your trip to peace and quiet.

Rosedale is not the only place of historical significance in Hartley. The original  settlement of Hartley is only five kilometres down the road.  Here you can take a tour of the restored buildings and wander through the Hartley court house which was used to house and try prisoners up until 1887.

Other areas of interest include the township of Hartley Vale, this area rose to significance with the discovery of shale oil. The township swelled as mines opened up, rail links were built and hotels were built to supply the thirsty miners. One of these was the Comet Inn (named after a brand of kerosene produced at Hartley). Today the Comet Inn has been restored and is open for visitors.